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League of Legends

2011-03-04 09:46:22 by Ritheguardian

League of Legends Sign Up!

LoL is an awesome free to play game from the Riot Games. Excellent game, and it's free to play, so what's to lose?! Tons of champs and lots of awesome art and great skins! Custom Games against bots, Matches of 5v5 or 3v3 and ranked matches for the extreme pre-made groups. :3

I've been playing for quite some time, and my recent goal is to make Soraka... awesome.

League of Legends

Hello Again Audience

2011-02-06 15:28:58 by Ritheguardian

After a long time away I'm back again bombarding you with mediocre music. :3


Hello Again Audience

Want to play some awesome levels on LBP? Tackle some of my own creations, like the story levels "Battle of Realms" featuring 12 exciting levels to collect all the elements and save the beautiful realms for disaster, or you can choose to distroy them! Levels are called "Battle of Realms" ... "Realm of Earth" ... "Realm of Water" ... Realm of Fire" ... "Realm of Metal Mini Game [SURVIVAL] ... LBP name is of course RitheGuardian.. the one, the true, the original. ^^


2009-05-01 01:18:13 by Ritheguardian

huh... i saw listens sky rocket and had no idea why.... thnx to everyone [RG] Dreams is #12 in the Best Tracks Ever All-Time Top Scoring..... pretty sweet. thnx

For The Sake Of Doing So

2009-04-26 17:44:19 by Ritheguardian

Jusat for the sake of doing so... i made a new post.... :D i was sick of looking at my old one.


2009-04-10 21:01:28 by Ritheguardian

i love it when people give you a low score on anything... and than... don't tell you why??? I'd be please with a low score, if someone said something constructive... advise to make it better... not anything like... this sux... or nothing at all :( LEAVE A REVIEW IF YOUR GONNA VOTE !!! :)

High Fives

2009-04-10 01:14:25 by Ritheguardian

High five for dry spells and the super lack of creativity!!!! sweeeet. gotta love these days... i have to think of a genre and try to work with that... any suggestions? haha

Need Reviews

2009-04-07 14:12:28 by Ritheguardian

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /225660

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /220193

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /219934

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /219452

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /219085

these songs need reviews. please leave comments and constructive criticism. thnx :) ENJOI

Mappy b-day to myself

2009-04-05 18:06:57 by Ritheguardian

yup.... todays my birthday..... zmfg.... yay.....


2009-04-01 19:05:47 by Ritheguardian

werr herro.... happy aprir foors day. ra ra ra. china ruuulllees..... APRIILLL FOOOOLSS... enjoi the lovely "improvement" while it lasts. and for those of you... who haven't cuaght on.... lolz....